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You can read some of my published pieces here.

Vineyards and Cricket Balls

Every now and then, clusters of tourists slow down by the green bowl between the hills. They stand over the rim for a few minutes, either puzzled or in delight, before walking down to the field. The grass is so dry it scratches at the ankles, and the sun is ruthless, but that doesn’t bother … Continue reading Vineyards and Cricket Balls

One thousand shades of blue

The first time I saw the Adriatic Sea, I realized blue can be many different colours. Now I’m about to spend a whole week on the water, watching it shimmer and shine, up close. Read the piece here.

Remember the shoes

Budapest has many stories, and many scars, the deepest of which runs along the Danube. It was here, towards the end of World War II, that the fascist Arrow Cross Party (Nyilaskeresztes Párt) lined up the city’s remaining Jewish population. Thousands of men, women and children stood on the ledge above the water, shoes discarded, … Continue reading Remember the shoes

Tigers, Tuskers and a Brigand

Caution: Elephant Zone. Do Not Stop. We shall not be responsible for attacks by elephants,” a signpost on National Highway 212 warns motorists. That sign encapsulates how far the Bandipur National Park has come since its conception, and how its fortunes have changed. Through the 18th and 19th centuries, Bandipur was a hunting ground for … Continue reading Tigers, Tuskers and a Brigand

Istria – A glass apart

I am a wine novice. I don’t know a Chardonnay from a Sauvignon Blanc. I can’t tell an earthy wine from a fruity one. I have no clue why a decanter is important, or what it means to let a wine “breathe”. But as I’m standing atop the fortified walls of Motovun, a hilltop town … Continue reading Istria – A glass apart

Paint Stains in Grožnjan

His fingers are thick but nimble, looping the black cord in quick practiced movements around the shimmering blue glass pendant. His pale yellow shirt isn’t all plain; maybe the bright orange flakes in the blue pendant are responsible for those washed out stains on his shirt. Read more here.

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